Tuesday, February 07, 2006

International fame at last!

My London-based mate Rick (who's actually American, but has lived in the UK longer than the decade-plus I've known him, and who generously allowed me to crash on his couch for several nights last year) sent me an e-mail alerting me to the fact that the club I've helped run for 10 years, Q + A, has been written up in the London newspaper the Guardian:

He writes: "On Saturdays they ask for reader's tips about the places to go in various city that wouldn't necessarily be covered in tourist guides. This Sat they did Melbourne - and I was on the train beaming because there was a write up of Q+A!"

The full details are here, in The Guardian's 'Been There' section, but here are the juicy highlights:

Q+A at A Bar Called Barry

Posted by boyonwheels 30 January 2006

Stands for Queer + Alternative. A weekly alternative to the europop blandness of most of melbourne's gay scene. Indie boys and grrrls galore bouncing to top mocker toons until the smallish hours. Thursday nights.

64 Smith Street, cnr of Gertrude St. Collingwood


walypala said...

Aw, it is always nice when your progeny make it big in the world. You must be pleased as punch.
If I ever come to Melbourne I will be sure to check it out. It sounds RAD!

richardwatts said...

It's more than RAD Mikey-boy; it's ZANY and WHACKY FUN!!!

Tim Norton said...

Yay! Now of course, there will be an influx of hot little British boys making the pilgrimage to Q+A during their compulsory backpacking days.

richardwatts said...

Monkey_Jedi - yeah I know; cool, ain't it? I love British accents - well, some of 'em anyway. Upper-class twat accents shit me, but regional accents, Cockney etc, make me weak at the knees. Irish, Welsh & Scottish accents, of course, make me swoon. So, bring on the backpackers, I say!